Fairbairn Dam Spillway Development
Client: SunWater

The Fairbairn Dam spillway is undergoing major safety improvements by installing new steel anchor bars, repair & replacing blocked underground drains and overlaying the spillway floor with a 450mm mass reinforced concrete slab. Survey activities on the project include:
-Anchor bars position setout
-Subsurface drains surveys
-Waters Stops/Joints setout
-QA checks for form-work and concrete steel cover(minimum cover 60mm & maximum cover 70mm)
-Earthworks and Concrete volumes

Cherwell Creek Bridge Replacement
Client: VEC Engineering

Construction of a new bridge beside the old structure which was very low and could easily flood after major rain events. The new 3 span bridge is 10m wide, 9.5m high from the river bed and 77m long. Bridge approaches of total length of 1km were also constructed in order to cater for the new road alignment.
Survey activities included:
-Set out of the bridge pile positions, new road alignment and abutment excavation limits
-Verticality control of piers during construction
-Road layer checks for accepted tolerances
-End of month quantities for road layers and excavations
-Asbuilt surveys and QA reporting

Aurizon Network Rollingstock Examiner Equipment Super Sites
Client: BMD Constructions

High accuracy(+-5mm) set-out of Pad footings and bolts for the installation of the Rollingstock Examiner Equipment at the following locations:
-Graham Rollingstock Examiner Equipment (Moura to Gladstone line)
-Abbot Point  Rollingstock Examiner Equipment (Durroburra to Abbot Point line)
-Kalapa Rollingstock Examiner Equipment (Kabra to Edungalba line)
-Wandoo Rollingstock Examiner Equipment (Yukan to Coppabella line)

Replacement of 49 Queensland Rail Wooden Bridges (Winton-Barcaldine-Emerald-Clermont)
Client: VEC Engineering
Precise Positioning Solutions carried out feature surveys of 49 existing bridges and provided setting out of the bridge centre lines and position of piles:
Emerald-Clermont(13 Bridges)
Emerald-Barcaldine(17 Bridges)
Barcaldine-Winton(10 Bridges)

Bauhinia Rail Upgrade (Passing Loop)
Client: BMD Constructions
Precise Positioning Solutions provided alignment setout for construction, setup a permanent GPS base station and created Tin surfaces for machine guidance , formation layers level checks using Total Station and RTK GPS and carried out As-built surveys

Emerald Hospital Civil Works
Client: BUSBY Group

Provided alignment set-out, road layer level checks of the access road and concrete pavements

Setup of a GPS Base Station at Collinsville
Client: Zetica Rail

Precise Position Solutions was contracted by Zetica Rail to setup a GPS Base Station in order to provide continuous differential correction data for use in post processing GPS data acquired by a Ground Penetrating Radar(GPR) mobile receiver operating on the Aurizon rail network

New Emerald Queensland Ambulance Services
Client: Hutchinson Builders
Precise Positioning Solutions was required to provide an as-built survey and a DTM survey to indicate whether rain water can accumulate at the rear of the complex

Bluff Rugby Club Underground Services
Survey pickups and CAD plotting of underground services

Kestrel Mine Extension Civil Works

A new mine site infrastructure and civil construction. PPS was required to provide setting out of; Overland Conveyor road, Rail Sleepers, Coal Haul road, Construction pads, Drainage and Mine Access roads

Middemount Digital Terrain Models
PPS carried out topographic surveys of two Council areas and created contour maps for drainage analysis

Clermont Flood Levels
Client: M. Lyons
PPS carried out a flood analysis for an area located 4km from Clermont flood monument bench mark

Crinum Mine Portals
PPS was required to provide set-out for bulk excavations at portal entrances

Gregory Mine Dam Wall
Client: NRW
Carried out DTM surveys of a 1.4km dam wall and provided set-out of the dam centreline and toe-lines, access roads and table drains.